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Samurai Sawada

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Countdown to the end of the 4-Koma manga contest

Sunday, August 31st @ 9:59pm

FREE T Shirt Giveaway (less than 10 hours left)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 11:22 PM
T-shirt Give away!  Get a free T-shirt by reading the post and leaving a comment here

August Contest #1: 4-Koma Manga Contest (+ PRIZES)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:00 AM

Don't know what 4-Koma is?  Read this:…
Have a question? send a note to Muslim-Manga

[This contest is being extended for one month.] InshaAllah we will see some nice entries ^_^

OK, we're going to have our 4-Koma Contest now:

The Idea:
Draw a 4 panel comic (4-Koma or YonKoma) that tells a story of the general life of a Muslim.  So the everyday life.  Its pretty simple.  You can make it funny, or you can make it serious.  Its up to you.  We will provide some example types of stories that you can choose from very soon,  but  you are welcome to be creative and come up with your own unique story.  Each 4 panel page should be like a small story of it's own.  You can choose to make totally unrelated stories or you can make all the stories related.  You can look at the link provided above for more information.  


Traditional Yonkoma layout

The general Rules:

  • - The goal is to create a more positive portrayal of Muslims, so anything that goes against this idea will not be accepted.  
  • - No profanity.
  • - You will need 6 pages and 1 cover page.  
  • - Include in the corner of your cover page.  
  • - Avoid serious political messages, other than peace and love for everyone.  
  • - Don't submit watermarked files to dA and email the original sized files, especially if you win, so we can print, translate, etc. if we choose to do so.
  • - I might add some more rules if I forgot to write them, so check back.


  • 1) A moment during Ramadhan
  • 2) How a Muslim interacts with a non Muslim
  • 3) A Muslim saving someone from a danger of some type. it might be real danger or it might be danger of failing a class. or something like that.
  • 4) show a Muslim doing a kind deed
  • 5) How do Muslims help the environment
  • 6) Weird things people think about Muslims and how they might be untrue.  
  • 7) The types of Muslims you'll meet on the road
  • 8) What Muslims do in their free time
  • 9) Your own idea

The aim of the contest and all these ideas are to somehow create a more accurate and positive image of Muslims.  So choose a topic or idea that will help you achieve that goal.  

July 4th to August 4th 2014 September 4th 2014

1st place:
3 month subscription + feature on Muslim-Manga
- Head shot / Bust worth USD 20 by AinLavendra

2nd place:
feature on Muslim-Manga
Halfbody animation/EmoFuri by U-Star-X

3rd place:
feature on Muslim-Manga

If you would like to donate prizes to this contest such as points, premium membership, a drawing, etc. please send a note to Muslim-Manga or SumairiiSan

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July Contest #2:Challenger ... +winners!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 5:17 PM

AsSalaamualaykum everyone.  All the submissions were awesome and it made us very happy to see Muslim Manga's characters drawn by all of you.  So many awesome drawings. But even though it was hard to do, we had to pick some to be the winners.  And here we have the winners: congratulations to them.  The winners should see their prizes soon.  If a person other than Muslim Manga has promised a prize, then that prize will be given by them and not by Muslim Manga.  
- first place:
Smile, Sura! by AinLavendra

- second place:
Aya, Sura, and Poji by Ida-chann

- third place:
The beginning of colourful festive by zeleftenantaya . sura . poji . peace by dayahtheburners

I was originally going to give a 24 hour extension for any last minute submissions, but I'm going to be busy until next week anyway, so I won't be able to do anything related to this contest anyway, so now you have a 1 week extension...

A New Challenger is Approaching ...

So............. Everyone remember Sura from the last contest, right?   Sura was introduced here:…

Good.  This time, we have a new character to add:

Back story: (kind of long, but maybe you'll enjoy reading it)
So, the other day, Aya and Sura were going to school, but Aya decided to go to a used video game shop near her school, since she had plenty of time.  Sura decided to go ahead and go to school so he can study a little more.  Aya was just browsing the shop to see if there was any games that she didn't already have.  In the end, she didn't find any games, but when she was looking in the Nintendo section, there was a stuffed lion toy sitting there, next to a used  Game Cube.  Aya suddenly fell in love with that toy and decided she had to buy it.  It was just soo cute, she couldn't resit.  The salesman at the shop didn't even remember having such a toy, but he went ahead and charged 200 yen for it (about 2 dollars).  

Aya went ahead to school, super excited because of her new toy.  She decided that his name was going to be "Poji" and that he was going to be a permanent member of the Muslim Manga club at school.  But Poji's story hasn't ended just yet.  No, this is far from the end.  

Aya left Poji in the clubroom while she went outside for a moment to put up some advertisements for the club, so Poji thought he could relax and stop acting like he was a stuffed animal.  
"Finally", Poji said in a really deep voice.  "I thought that girl would never leave me alone."  

Poji by SumairiiSan
(This is what Poji looks likes.  He has a beard, tale, and kind of long hair as well)

He started to stretch and move around and that is when Sura came inside the room. Poji was in shock and his secret had been discovered and Sura couldn't believe his eyes.  Sura quickly went and look to see if there was any batteries in Poji.  But, no.  There was no batteries.  

Sura quickly went to Aya and asked,"What is this?", pointing to Poji.  But Poji had reverted to being a non animate stuffed toy again.  
Aya said. "Oh, that is out newest member, Poji."
"Yeah, Poji.  I bought him at the Yamada Video Game Shop."
"Umm Sis, I think this thing is alive."
Aya, wasn't surprised. " Of course he is.  Aren't you, Poji-chan?", hugging Poji tightly.    "I don't care what those others girls say about you.  I know that you're alive."
Sura realized that Aya was just in her fantasy world and didn't realize he was actually alive.  "Sis, I'm serious.  I mean, he's really really alive. I'm not talking about anime real.  I'm talking about real-life real."  
"I know."
"No, you don't!"
Sura grabbed Poji and started shaking him around.  "Talk.  I know you can.  Talk."  But it was no use.  Poji just wouldn't talk.  Sura continued to try to use different ways to get him to talk, but it was all in vain.

Eventually Sura calmed down and went back to the room to study.  He put Poji on the desk next to him and opened his book for math class.
Sura said to himself, " I must be tired.  All the studying must be getting to my brain." Sura started to stair at Poji again, and just at that moment Poji blinked.  
Sura got excited again.  "You are a live.  I knew it".  
Poji screamed "ouch! my eyes!."  Angrily, Poji continued to shout "You got something in my eyes while you were shaking me around.  Come on,  what were you thinking?  Ouch Bro.  Ouch.". Then suddenly Poji called down "look kid, I'm a lion.  You can't treat me like that.  I'll eat your head off the next time you do that. Also, keep me away from that girl.  She's crazy.  She was putting dresses on me.  I'm a man.  I don't do dresses.  Also, No one should no about me being alive.  No one.  You already found out, so it can't be helped, but you must prevent anyone else from finding out.  You understand boy?"  

Sura had a puzzled expression on his face.  "Oh..kay... So, in exchange, what will you do for me?"
Poji, "How about 'I won't eat you' in exchange"?
Sura, "Wow you're so violent. Fine.  Fine.  I won't tell anyone.  Just let me get back to studying.  No that I can, after seeing such a weird thing today."

And so, the adventures of Poji began as a member of the Muslim Manga Club!

About the Contest
Draw Poji together with Sura and or Aya.  He hangs out with Sura mainly, but he will be with Aya too sometimes.  Sura knows he's alive.  Aya doesn't Aya just pretends that he is alive.  Don't forget, Poji has a beard and a tale with a fluffy hairy thingi on the end of it.  If you don't draw that, especially his beard (oh no.. don't forget the beard), he will be very upset.  

Where's My Beard by SumairiiSan

- No profanity.
- Don't submit watermarked files to dA and email us the original sized files, especially if you win.
- Don't claim these characters as your own.  
- Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.
- Make sure that your drawing follows the group's Submission Rules. Otherwise your drawing will be denied .
- I might add some more rules if I forgot to write them, so check back.

July 5th to August 4th 2014

1st place:
- 3 month subscription
- feature on Muslim-Manga
- Head shot / Bust worth USD 20 by AinLavendra

2nd place:
-feature on Muslim-Manga
- chibis by U-Star-X

3rd place:
- feature on Muslim-Manga

If you would like to donate prizes to this contest such as points, premium membership, a drawing, etc. please send a note to Muslim-Manga or SumairiiSan

Edit: By the way, Sura's school uniform has a tie, but he doesn't actually like wearing ties.  He tries to take it off whenever he can.  If you draw him, you might want to think about that.  


Aya and poji by tikahnaomi95Aya & Poji by SketsaMuslimSura & Poji by nboy14 by nboy14New Challenger: Intruder in School Party?! by nabyylSmile, Sura! by AinLavendraaya . sura . poji . peace by dayahtheburnersThe beginning of colourful festive by zeleftenantMeet Poji by Sayuri-channWelcome, Poji by artdeeb96Contest entry by ockbaenmaAnother attempt by kittycatstudioAya, Sura, and Poji by Ida-channSura,Aya and Poji by tinah-chanAya and Poji chan by captain-pieSura Aya and Poji CONTEST ENTRY (Late) by hellonabeehaAyaXPoji by SAI182

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Check out our amazing new website!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2014, 10:15 PM
We at Muslim Manga love your inputs and with our sudden growth in recent months, we have decided that we need to improve everything that you loved about Muslim Manga, and more! Check out our new website today and let us know what you think!!

New Design Screen Shot by SumairiiSan

This is a little late, but let's have a quick Eid al-Fitr Activity.  
So, draw Aya, Sura, or Poji  or more than one character celebrating  Eid (in anime / manga style of course) , submit it to the 'activities and contests' folder, and post a link to your drawing in the comments bellow.  

You have 1 week to do this activity.  The activity will end on midnight of 8/9/2014.

If we get at least 10 submissions, I will give a 3 month subscription to the 1st place winner of the activity.  

If you wish to draw something not related to Aya, Sura, or Poji, that is ok.  The theme of the contest was mainly given to give you an idea of what to do.  If you want to be more creative you can, but if you're not sure if it will be allowed, ask me about it.  

- No watermarks
- include "" in the bottom corner of the artwork
- Follow all other general Muslim Manga contest / activity / and submission rules
- Artwork must be submitted between 8/2/2014 and 8/9/2014

If you have any questions, let me know, by leaving a comment bellow or sending a note to Muslim-Manga

CE : wth where's your beard?!Aya.Poji by EunniePop
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:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: One Week Feature (July 16th - July 21st) :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen:

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Donate points to Muslim Manga

Donate :points: to here to help Muslim-Manga renew its super group awesomeness.

Submission Rules

Please submit to the Right Folder, OR ELSE!!!!

...or your submission might be declined.

:bulletyellow: Fan Arts folder - for islamic fan artwork of anime and manga or if you draw someone's Original Character.  Your own original character drawings go to the Original Manga Artwork folder

:bulletyellow: Original Manga Artwork folder - for your original Islamic artwork that is in anime or manga style

:bulletyellow: Contests & Activities folder- anything submitted specifically for Muslim Manga (i.e. drawings for our activities, drawing the support the group, drawing of our mascot character Ayah ...etc. ) or for a contest by Muslim Manga.

:bulletgreen: Have Any Questions? Please ask by posting in the comments below

How to Submit Artwork to this Group

How do I submit my artwork CORRECTLY?

Option 1)
  • go to the artwork page and look to the right. you will see a "add to group" button.
  • Click it.
  • click the group you want to add the artwork to.
  • (IMPORTANT) Next to "Submitting to", select the correct category.
    (For Muslim Manga, there are categories like fan art, original manga art, and actives n' contests.... Click the correct category.)
  • Click 'submit'

Option 2)
  • Go to ( Muslim-Manga )
  • Click the "works"
  • Then click on the correct folder
    (original manga artwork, fan art, activities n' contests, etc.)
  • click on 'submit to this folder'
  • click on 'contribute an existing deviation'
  • select the artwork you want to submit
  • click 'submit'




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Muslim Manga Activity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join?
Yes, of course you can!!

Q. How do I join?
You may join by clicking on the Join Our Group button on the left side of the page.

You may also devwatch us, if you don't want to join, but if you want to participate in the many contests we have, you will need to join.
It would be nice if you add our icon to your journal or devID. To do so, type :icon Muslim-Manga: ( no space between :icon & Muslim-Manga: ). This can help spread the word and increase membership for the group.

To add our icon to your journal,
copy and paste : iconMuslim-Manga:
and remove the space
between :icon and Muslim-Manga:
to get the following -


Q. I am not a muslim, Can I still join?
Yes. Muslim-Manga appreciates the support people from other faiths and beliefs. You are even allowed to enter some of the contests as long as your follow the rules or as long as it is not mentioned other wise in the details of the particular contest.

Q. I added Muslim-Manga to my watch list, but Muslim-Manga's icon not being displayed on the list of my groups I am a part of. Why?
One possibility is that you did not click on "Join Our Group".

Q. How do I submit a deviation to the group?
Go to the folder you want to send you deviation to. Towards the top right, there should be a button that says + submit to this folder. Make sure to submit your artwork to the correct folder. If you don't, it may be rejected.

Q. What kind of deviations can I submit?
We want manga style deviations that show Muslims in a positive light, or teach moral lessons. So pretty much, if you have a Muslims characters that you have drawn, you can submit it to us. For More detail on what you can submit and where to submit it, please go here.

Q. Why is this group here?
This group is here to:
- Promote the understanding of Islam
- Create an accurate image of Muslims and show them in a positive light.
- Teach moral lessons.

Q. Will you have any contests or projects?
Yes inshaAllah (God willing) we plan on having contests on a regular basis. If nothing comes up, we try to have at least one contest a month, maybe more.

Q. Is this group just for Girls?
A while back, we would get this question asked a lot. But anyway, no it is not and it never was just for Girls. Just because the logo is of a girl doesn't mean this group is not for guys.


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