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Muslim Manga Group on deviantArt

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join?
Yes, of course you can!!

Q. How do I join?
You may join by clicking on the Join Our Group button on the left side of the page.

You may also devwatch us, if you don't want to join, but if you want to participate in the many contests we have, you will need to join.
It would be nice if you add our icon to your journal or devID. To do so, type :icon Muslim-Manga: ( no space between :icon & Muslim-Manga: ). This can help spread the word and increase membership for the group.

To add our icon to your journal,
copy and paste : iconMuslim-Manga:
and remove the space
between :icon and Muslim-Manga:
to get the following -


Q. I am not a muslim, Can I still join?
Yes. Muslim-Manga appreciates the support people from other faiths and beliefs. You are even allowed to enter some of the contests as long as your follow the rules or as long as it is not mentioned other wise in the details of the particular contest.

Q. I added Muslim-Manga to my watch list, but Muslim-Manga's icon not being displayed on the list of my groups I am a part of. Why?
One possibility is that you did not click on "Join Our Group".

Q. How do I submit a deviation to the group?
Go to the folder you want to send you deviation to. Towards the top right, there should be a button that says + submit to this folder. Make sure to submit your artwork to the correct folder. If you don't, it may be rejected.

Q. What kind of deviations can I submit?
We want manga style deviations that show Muslims in a positive light, or teach moral lessons. So pretty much, if you have a Muslims characters that you have drawn, you can submit it to us. For More detail on what you can submit and where to submit it, please go here.

Q. Why is this group here?
This group is here to:
- Promote the understanding of Islam
- Create an accurate image of Muslims and show them in a positive light.
- Teach moral lessons.

Q. Will you have any contests or projects?
Yes inshaAllah (God willing) we plan on having contests on a regular basis. If nothing comes up, we try to have at least one contest a month, maybe more.

Q. Is this group just for Girls?
A while back, we would get this question asked a lot. But anyway, no it is not and it never was just for Girls. Just because the logo is of a girl doesn't mean this group is not for guys.


Anime 4 Muslims

Random from Anime 4 Muslims

Poll History

Countdown to end of the Current Activity

Tuesday, May 13th @ 10:59am

Do you use Twitter? 

20 deviants said No, (you can follow Muslim Manga's twitter account via SMS by texting 'Follow MuslimManga' to a short code. Find your country's code by going to…
12 deviants said Yes, (If so, you might be intersted in following

Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary Contest!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:54 PM
Emoji02 by Emoji-icon Assalamu'alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

Time sure does pass really fast doesn't it?
This 1st of May 2014 will mark the 5th year Muslim-Manga has established itself on DeviantArt.
Praise be to God, that with His will; we are still able to stand strong for half a decade!

Therefore, we have chosen to have a special contest with the theme:

I support Muslim Manga by spring-sky  Support Muslim-Manga (5th Anniversay) I support Muslim Manga by spring-sky

The task is fairly simple; draw an illustration that shows support for Muslim-Manga.
Always try to be creative! The drawing should either include Aya, Sura (our new Mascot) or both of them together.

Here is a sketch and a short description of Aya and Sura:

(Sura's hair color is black)

Aya is a very excited, happy, and energetic manga loving girl... Emoji38 by Emoji-icon
Sura, her younger brother is more serious and studious, and maybe too.. He tries to not get involved in Aya's activities, but he always somehow gets dragged in...
They are both Japanese, but they're Muslim.. and they go to a Japanese high school.. One day Aya gets a new idea.  Emoji06 by Emoji-icon
She makes a club called Muslim Manga in her high school... so she can teach others about what Muslims are really like through manga  (Aya Starts a Muslim Manga Club ).  She likes manga and she wants to tell others about Islam and about Muslim people's hearts.  She thinks it is the perfect idea.  Sura would rather not attract more attention to himself, but Aya drags him against his will and makes him join the club... Emoji28 by Emoji-icon

Also take note that this this will last for THREE weeks only, so try to make the best illustration you can in this time frame :)

 How to Participate :

Bullet; Green Simply make a drawing that fits the theme Support Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary and the requirements as above and submit it to the Activities n' Contests folder.

Bullet; Green Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.

Bullet; Green Make sure that your drawing follows the group's Submission Rules. Otherwise your drawing will be denied .


Gold bullet by robotflatworm The contest will last for THREE weeks. The deadline will be Thursday, May 13th (GMT-8 | PST).  Make sure to submit your entry before that date to be eligible for voting.

Gold bullet by robotflatworm You can submit as many entries as you want. Only one entry can win though!

Gold bullet by robotflatworm We'll make a poll of the entries which will last for one week.  

 Prizes :

1st Place
Green Square Bullet 3 Month dA Premium Membership Subscription
Green Square Bullet Big feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga

2nd Place
Green Square Bullet 100 :points:
Green Square Bullet Feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga

3rd Place
Green Square Bullet  50 :points:
Green Square Bullet Feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga

Prize donations from anyone to add to these prizes would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for supporting Muslim-Manga throughout the years!

Peace and blessings be upon you!

Don't forget to have fun!

Emoji01   Entries :

Muslim Manga Contest Entry by CyprusBeetle

In Search of Helpers

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 1:35 PM
Currently, we are looking for a person who will submit a feature journal every week.    This person will review the submissions of the week and select some of those artworks and write a journal about that.

- Do work related to Muslim Manga for at least 3 hours a week (Translating, Community relations, creating, and ending contests, etc.) If you are seen to be inactive for a long time without telling us why, you may lose your helper status.
- Do not draw inappropriate* artwork.  
- Do not fav inappropriate artwork
- Do not use foul language in any part of your profile or in any comments
- Be friendly
- Be accepting of other Muslim sects.  There are multiple sects of Muslims and this project is not aimed at one.  (However one of the aims is raise Muslims spiritual level and morals.  The project doesn’t allow artworks or stories that seem to do the opposite) If a helper shows prejudice toward a Muslim from a different sect, he or she may be removed from the group.  
- When applying for a helper membership, make sure to write ‘I read and agree to the requirements for being a helper’.  If you do not, you will be rejected helper status.  
- More requirements may be added later, so check back every once in a while (even after you have been approved as a helper) and make sure you agree and follow all the requirements.  

- understand the submission policy and do not accept artwork that is not allowed in the group.  If this happens, you may lose your helper status.  (It is ok if it happens every once in a while.  Mistakes happen, but if this continues to happen, you may lose your status)
- Translating manga
- Community relations
- Creating and Ending Contests
- Responding to people's questions about Muslim-Manga (If you are unsure of something, you can ask a a fellow helper or a superior helper and they may be able to help you help the person asking the question)
- invite others to join Muslim-Manga
- encourage others in participating in Muslim Manga contests and remind them about the contest every once in a while.  
- Once you are accepted as a helper, tell us your talents and interests and we will see how you can help us even more
- More responsibilities may be added later
- You won't necessarily be responsible for ALL of the above, especially if there are more than one helper.  You will be assigned tasks

Bleach Fanart Activity

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 7:31 AM
Emoji02 by Emoji-icon Assalamu'alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

It's time for another fun activity!
Rarely is it seen that our favorite manga or anime characters are portrayed as Muslims.

Therefore, for this activity, we have chosen the theme of:

Ichigo Nyan Free Avatar  Muslim Bleach FanartIchigo Nyan Free Avatar 

(Bleach is a manga written by and illustrated by Tite Kubo)

The task is simple, draw your favorite character from Bleach, portrayed as a Muslim!
Just be sure that your drawing is appropriate for the character as a practicing Muslim (if the character is female, she must be wearing hijab, etc.)

  How to Participate :

Bullet; Green Simply make a drawing that fits the theme Muslim Bleach Fanart and submit it to the Activities n' Contests folder.

Bullet; Green Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.

Bullet; Green Make sure that your drawing follows the group's Submission Rules. Otherwise your drawing will be denied .


Gold bullet by robotflatworm This is an activity , it's like a contest, but we only offer a feature of the winning deviation on our front page .

Gold bullet by robotflatworm The activity will last for two weeks. The deadline will be Saturday, April  19th.  Make sure to submit your entry before that date to be eligible for voting.

Gold bullet by robotflatworm You can submit as many entries as you want .

Gold bullet by robotflatworm We'll make a poll of the entries which will last for one week ,then we'll feature the winning drawings for another one week ,God willing.  

  Have Fun!

Peace be upon you.


Emoji01   Entries :

More Journal Entries

Submission Rules

Please submit to the Right Folder
or your submission might be declined

:bulletyellow: Fan Arts folder - for islamic fan artwork of anime and manga or if you draw someone's Original Character.  Your own original character drawings go to the Original Manga Artwork folder

:bulletyellow: Original Manga Artwork folder - for your original Islamic artwork that is in anime or manga style

:bulletyellow: Contests & Activities folder- anything submitted specifically for Muslim Manga (i.e. drawings for our activities, drawing the support the group, drawing of our mascot character Ayah ...etc. ) or for a contest by Muslim Manga.

:bulletgreen: Have Any Questions? Please ask by posting in the comments below


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39 accepted, 7 denied
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Learn the Qur'an.

Be careful with the hadith.

Some links for study:

Does the Hadith have a Solid Historical Basis?

Was Prophet Mohammed Illiterate?

Who Authorized Bukhari?


May Allah guide us towards the truth.


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I have some pages of a comic (this is the first fragment of the entire series) I wanna post here. Could you tell me how to post them here?

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you probably submitted it to the wrong folder
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Original Manga Art folder
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Terima kasih! I really wanted to join! TQ! 7x
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Err... Pokemon X & Y contest anyone...???
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